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What can I say about myself?  First of all, I know just how important capturing images of your family truly is because I’m a mama to 7 children.  Yes…you read that right…SEVEN.  And the time flies by so quickly.  My absolute favorite time to capture would be the newborn stage.  This is because your baby will never look like this again.  They change rapidly in the first few weeks and I love being able to freeze that time for you.

I’ve always loved photography but after having my third child, I became obsessed with capturing my children in their every day life so my husband bought me a nice starter camera and a good lens and off I went with learning and teaching myself how to use my camera to create beautiful images.  Some of the very first images I captured with that camera are still my very favorite to this day.

My style is very simple.  I dont tend to work with a ton of props and extras.  I want to capture your baby and focus on the natural beauty of the moment vs focusing on all the cute props that will inevitably just date your images one day.  I’m literally obsessed with macro images and close ups…so you will see a lot of newborn lashes and lips in my work.  I like capturing these things because one day the memory of those little details will fade in your mind.  For family sessions, while I will always strive to get that perfect posed, everyone looking at the camera shot, I prefer the natural moments where I capture you interacting with each other.  Those are truly the ones you will look back on one day and treasure.

I have a beautiful newborn studio that my husband built for me on the 40 acres where we live.  It’s perfect because I can shoot indoor or outdoors in the same location so it makes for nice variety for sessions where families want a few different looks.


Random facts about me:

I was born up North but moved to Pensacola Beach when I was 12 so I’m a transplant but consider myself a true Southern girl now.

I laugh.  all.the.time.

I have the best job ever.  And I AM a baby whisperer for sure.  Blame it on my gaggle of kids.

I’m a carbaholic.  In my opinion, the best meal consists of homemade noodles and mashed potatoes…forget the green stuff.  And gravy added to anything makes it 100x better.

I’m obsessed with light.

I embrace being quirky.  How boring would life be if we were ALL the same?

I have twins.  Twin momming is a whole different ball game in case you were wondering 😉

I’m not very girly.

I try to instill humor into anything that happens…because if you can laugh through it, it wont kill you.

One of my children is autistic.  He was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 7.  He’s a super neat kid.

I was born missing a kidney (and half of my uterus).

I could be pregnant every single day of my life.  I truly love it so much.  I get way bigger than the average pregnant woman (as you can see from the 26 week photo here thanks to the above mentioned half of a uterus) and it becomes difficult to walk by the end but in my opinion, there’s nothing on earth like the feeling of your baby wiggling around in your womb.

I LOVE to cook.

My husband and I have been together forever.  Like since Dinosaurs roamed the earth.

I used to read books constantly.  Its my favorite past time.  But with as many kids as I have, I rarely get to do it anymore.

Having 7 children, you would think this wouldn’t be the case but I have suffered from infertility my entire life.

I take a bath every.single.night.  Its literally the only “me” time I take for myself ever.

I’m a huge nerd.  Lord of the Rings.  The Hobbit.  Game of Thrones.  Huge fan.

I’m loyal to a fault.

I love my children more than anything on earth.  I wasn’t just born to be a mom.  I was born to be THEIR mom.



If you are interested in having a session with me, please contact me today!  I’d love to work with you!


Lovely images above taken by my great friend Lindsey Friar (and edited by me)

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