It’s the little things-Pensacola FL Child Family Photographer

I came across some images of my son today….they were taken a couple months ago while he was out in our field….exploring….with his best friend, Woody….as usual. He drags Woody around on a daily basis and I love watching him do it. He has a true friendship with that doll and I dread when the time will come that he grows and changes and he trades in Woody for cars, iPods and girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching my children grow and change and become interested in new things…I do….but it’s also a very bittersweet thing to experience. My goal this year is to take the time to capture all the little things with my children….the things they love and the little moments when they don’t know I’m watching…..these are the things I remember most and the ones I feel are the most important to capture.

My Abe…..he has the biggest, most tender heart of any child I know…..

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