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He’s baaaaack……I’m sure most of you will remember this little cutie since his newborn session was my very first blog post….my cute nephew, Milo Danger, is now 6 months old and I took a trip down to visit him a week ago. He’s changed SO much since I last saw him and I wanted to cry thinking about how much I have missed with him. I really hate that my brother and I live 8 hours apart! Milo is such a good baby….very calm like my brother. I think he favors his mom a lot now….he’s really beautiful. I see parts of my brother in him as well though too….his facial expressions and those gorgeous, long lashes he has! And talk about some CHUB! Milo is such a chunkster now….I LOVE it! And I must say…he looks so handsome in the cap I brought back for him from Ireland. Now….on to the next subject….my brother is the biggest goofball ever…..I had the hardest time doing this session because he constantly cracks me up….it was so much fun though! He makes the craziest faces and poor Jana couldn’t keep a straight face at times. Don’t worry guys….I put the more tame ones on here but I have a few that you will get to see later that are just too funny and SO Sean 🙂 I’m going to be posting more shots than I normally would on a blog post but that’s mainly because I know we have some family members who are anxiously awaiting some peeks at little Milo (Mom and Anne…are you stalking the blog?! HA!)

Anyways….Sean and Jana….thanks so much for letting me spend the day with you guys….I had a blast! And Milo is so darn beautiful….you guys really did good with that one! And you’re such great parents too. I love you.

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