Expecting-Pensacola FL Maternity Photographer

On Sunday, I had a session at my home for R. She’s 32 weeks along with her first baby….a boy! And you can tell just how excited she is over his impending arrival. (by the way…she had just been to the doctor and at 32 weeks, her son was estimated at 5 pounds 11 ounces….I think he’s gonna be a BIG baby!). She arrived at my home and was pretty much up for anything. We hit my field and shot away. The light wasn’t quite as perfect as I had hoped even though we didn’t start until 6pm….but it was cloudy and I lost my light about a half hour earlier than expected….of course, right before R left, the clouds opened up and there was some gorgeous sunflare in the sky where we had been shooting 🙂 We also had another challenge….the biggest bumble bee I have ever seen….I swear that it stalked us the entire time we were out there! And R and I both are deathly afraid of those suckers so we did a lot of running….but I will say that he definitely preferred R over me….he wouldn’t leave her alone! But we managed through it and got some really nice shots. Here’s your sneak peek R. I hope you love them! And I’m looking forward to having a session with you and your husband soon as well as meeting and shooting baby A!

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