Babies Babies Everywhere-Pensacola Maternity Photographer

That’s what our family is going to be experiencing this year…..we have three babies all due by November….it’s going to be an exciting year!

While in Michigan last week, I did a quick mini session for another one of my nieces. Molly is 22 weeks along with her first baby….a boy….due in November. She isn’t super large yet but just starting to get a cute little baby bump so I thought it would be nice to get a few images of her now. She and her husband, Jamie, are hoping to make a trip down here to Florida sometime in September so I will have a fun time doing another session with them! Congrats Miss Molly….I know you are going to be a great mama!

I also got a couple of images of my two nieces together….Stacy (from my previous blog post) is on the left (34 weeks) & Molly is on the right (22 weeks).

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